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Meet Dr. Amanda Sparks

Dr Amanda photoDr. Sparks began practicing chiropractic in 2008, joining Lifecity Chiropractic in October 2020 and becoming a partner in January 2022.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point while also playing catcher for the Pointers Fastpitch Softball Team. She spent six months studying abroad before beginning chiropractic school in Florida.

Dr. Sparks earned her Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. She practiced in Ft. Lauderdale before returning to Wisconsin to be closer to family.

A Chance Experience Begins a Career

Originally, Dr. Sparks was interested in becoming an orthopedic surgeon until a chance experience overseas changed her mind. Having played softball while studying abroad in Australia, she was part of an event known as the Uni Games. The large-scale event included athletes and teams from area universities and across multiple sports. During the event, an athlete was hurt, and Dr. Sparks asked a fellow athlete if they were going to the doctor. The athlete explained that in Australia, you visit the chiropractor first and then see a medical doctor if it is an injury that requires medical treatment instead.

Dr. Sparks thought that was an interesting concept—a preventative health practice that tries to keep people functional, on the field, and playing and moving with chiropractic instead of only treating the injury.

She felt she could make a real difference through chiropractic by helping people with their health in a proactive way instead of reactive, and a career was born.

A Focus on Pediatric and Pregnancy

Dr. Sparks was inspired by her pediatric chiropractic teacher and mentor to make pediatric and prenatal chiropractic a core part of her practice. The mentor taught Dr. Sparks about the many significant changes a chiropractor can make in a child’s future by removing the irritation in their nervous system from birth onward.

Dr. Sparks then saw the real-life implications on families early on in her career. Whether it was children who couldn’t sleep through the night and showed signs of deep discomfort, babies who were frequently upset and in distress, or infants who could not be consoled, chiropractic adjustments had nearly immediate effects on those children.

And because chiropractic is successful, moms and dads sleep better, have less stress and anxiety, and the whole family is happier and healthier.


Life Outside the Clinic

Dr. Sparks loves spending time with her dog, Nola, cooking for family and friends, feeding her travel addiction, playing sports, and watching movies.

Your Trusted Partner in Care

Dr. Sparks helps people of all ages and life experiences find optimal health and wellness through chiropractic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Amanda Sparks | (608) 630-9132