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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Lifecity Chiropractic

pregnant person with hands on tummyChiropractic adjustments, safe and gentle throughout pregnancy for the mom-to-be and the baby, are an effective way to help the woman’s body through the many changes she will endure during the pregnancy.

Our skilled chiropractors utilize the Webster Technique, which was specifically designed for pregnant women to prevent difficult birth, or dystocia, which is typically caused by a large or awkwardly positioned fetus, a small pelvis, or a failure of the uterus and cervix to contract and expand normally.

Reduce Your Pain and Discomfort

You may be experiencing aches and discomfort from the hormone changes, and you may have pelvic and back pain associated with the positioning of the baby and where you are in your pregnancy. Shifts in your center of gravity, a loosening of ligaments, pain in your SI joints and sciatica, swelling in your extremities, and changes in the biomechanics of normal movement can also cause a great deal of discomfort.

No matter where you feel symptoms, our chiropractic team can help you enjoy your pregnancy through safe, holistic, drug-free chiropractic adjustments that reduce pain and discomfort while realigning the pelvis properly. This will reduce the likelihood of difficulty during labor and delivery.

We Adjust You Safely Throughout Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, we will change our technique to embrace your growing belly. Using a special table that can be adjusted throughout your pregnancy, we can gently perform chiropractic adjustments from the first visit on through even labor!

In fact, one of our favorite moments in the office was adjusting a pregnant patient’s hip, which had locked into position. The patient’s desire was to have a natural birth, and on her way to the hospital, after her water broke, she stopped in for a quick adjustment to help ensure a better delivery experience!

That doesn’t happen often, to be certain, but it proves we can take your chiropractic care plan and adjust our techniques to meet you wherever you may be during the pregnancy, both in terms of your baby’s growth and your comfort level.

Have the Healthy & Happy Pregnancy You Deserve

Pregnancy should be one of the most enjoyable and exciting times in your life. You don’t have to suffer from misalignments of your pelvis or symptoms that stem from the rapid changes your body is experiencing. Even if you’re in your final stretch of pregnancy, chiropractic adjustments can do wonders! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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