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Pediatric Chiropractic at Lifecity Chiropractic

happy mom and kid playing outdoorsBirthing is a laborious process for not just the mom but the baby, too. From the outset, the mother is trying to move a baby the size of a watermelon through a space the size of a lemon. They’ve also had their feet and knees tucked in while inside the womb for several months.

Of course, when you add in the compressive forces of contractions and the physical pushing to deliver the child, it is a traumatic experience for their little body. Chiropractic adjustments can reverse the effects of birth and help remove the interferences and misalignments in your child’s body.

How Misalignments Affect Children

When children of any age are in need of chiropractic care, their symptoms can vary. Infants could be fussy, have colic, spit up a lot, or can’t keep their food down. They may hold their head to one side while sleeping and eating and cry when moved to the other side. Babies and toddlers may also have delayed development, where their misalignments prevent proper advancement in rolling, crawling, and walking.

In older children, it may present as ear infections, bed wetting, frequent colds and other viral illnesses, stomach aches, or other digestive problems.

How Chiropractic Works

Though we often think of chiropractic in terms of neck and back pain, it’s about so much more. While it does help alleviate the pain that develops due to misalignments and subluxations, at its core, it’s about improving overall neurological function.

The birthing experience is traumatic for children’s developing spines, and if they begin life with misalignments, difficulties can grow from there. If the misalignments and subluxations are left untreated, they can manifest into greater problems later in life.

Chiropractic adjustments remove the interferences that exist throughout your child’s nervous system, alleviating their symptoms and restoring the body to optimal health and wellness.

Nola, our office dog

Putting Your Child at Ease

Our doctors will be sure to make it a fun visit, we put children at ease and reassure them there is nothing to be worried about, that it won’t be painful, and explain exactly how they will be adjusted and what they might hear.

At our East Clinic location, Dr. Sparks also brings her French bulldog, Nola, to the office twice a week, and she has a knack for helping kids feel comfortable. She will even let Nola accompany the child during their adjustment if necessary. Nola seems to have a keen nose for helping kids feel at ease.

With our younger patients, many of them will sleep through the adjustment, it’s so gentle. We’re also happy to include a young patient’s favorite stuffed animal to help them feel safe, and we’ll adjust their friend first so they understand there’s nothing to fear. Our doctors are proud to say they’ve adjusted (stuffed) dolphins, penguins, teddy bears, baby dolls, and more!

Start Laying a Healthy Foundation for Your Child

We will do whatever it takes to ensure your child feels safe, understands it’s a gentle adjustment, and knows they won’t feel pain or discomfort during the adjustment. And if you have any questions as a parent or guardian along the way, we’re happy to answer them. Contact us today to start building a healthy foundation for your child.


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