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Massage Therapy at Lifecity Chiropractic

Madison Massage, LLC at Our Lake Edge Location

person getting shoulder massageOur massage therapist, Lauri Ashley, LMT, graduated from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in 2000. For over 22 years she has been helping people relieve pain and stress with a variety of massage therapy techniques.

She is excited to be working with the Madison Community at Lifecity Chiropractic’s East Clinic, located at 637 E. Washington Avenue, S. 103, Madison, WI.

Think of massage therapy as an asset in your health care toolkit and a complement to chiropractic adjustments. There are many physical benefits massage therapy offers such as minimizing pain and increasing mobility. Low back pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia are just a few examples of conditions that may benefit from massage therapy.

Our Approach

Madison Massage, LLC takes a therapeutic approach to treatment that is specifically designed to your lifestyle and physicality. Through muscle manipulation, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and relaxation techniques, treatment is tailored to your individual needs. The level of pressure applied during sessions will be to your comfort level. Pain management and stress reduction are the goals to keep your body and mind in harmony.

Schedule Today

For more information, please visit or email Lauri Ashley, LMT at To schedule an appointment, call or text (608) 217-2458.


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